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  • Lycopole (Tablet)

    Lycopole (Tablet)

    • Relieves throat ailments such as swelling, sore throat and laryngitis.
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  • Merri Life - Rehman Healthcare Center 1

    Merri Life

    • Improves in Muscle weakness and Fatigue
    • Effective for erectile & sexual dysfunction in Males
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  • Natural Care - Rehman Healthcare Center2

    Natural Care

    • For Detoxification of Kidney & Liver   
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  • Nyosan - Herbal Suppliments - Rehman Healthcare Centre


    • Helps relieve pain caused by increased uric acid and is also beneficial in relieving pain in the feet, ankles and big toe.
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  • Ortho Care - Rehman Healthcare Center 2

    Ortho Care

    • Reduces elevated Uric Acid in Body
    • For relief in Muscles & Joints pain
    • Effective in rheumatoid & gouty arthritis.
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  • Stonil

    Stonil (Capsule)


    Stones are formed by the accumulation of various minerals in the human body. Most of them contain minerals like calcium, oxalate and phosphorus. These stones can be hereditary, while some patients can develop stones due to high calcium and protein in the diet. Kidney stones either stay in the kidney or travel through the ureters…

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  • Sugar Care - Rehman Healthcare Center 1

    Sugar Care

    • Improves the functionality of pancreas.
    • Helps to Control Blood Sugar level.
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    Urencil (Capsule)

    •  Improves general function of kidneys
    •  Reduces elevated Levels of Blood Urea
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