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    Gastro Care

    • Relieves acidity, belching, nausea and other digestive disorders.
    • Improves appetite
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    • General Body Tonic.
    • Strengthens functioning of Liver & Kidneys.
    • Improves Appetite
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    JP OIL (Massage Oil)

    • For Better health of Muscles & Joints
    • For relief in Muscles & Joints pain in body
    • Effective in rheumatoid & gouty arthritis.
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    Merri Life

    • Improves in Muscle weakness and Fatigue
    • Effective for erectile & sexual dysfunction in Males
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    Sugar Care

    • Improves the functionality of pancreas.
    • Helps to Control Blood Sugar level.
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    Sugar Care Plus

    • Covers the weakness of vital Organs in Diabetes
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